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STRADA Conseil editions aim at publishing practical books, written by experts and which can constitute working tools for professionals evolving in the insurance sector.

The essential guide to reinsurance

Due to the success of the 2018 edition, STRADA Conseil has decided to publish a new edition of its essential guide to reinsurance in 2021.

François REIBELL, Executive Officer, and Évelyne MLYNARCZYK, Training pole Executive, are glad to announce the publication of their book « Essential Guide to Reinsurance ».

This book is the result of the observations that we have made over many years during our missions in reinsurance. It deals with the issues both insurers and reinsurers are facing.


This book is the outcome of a teamwork inside STRADA Conseil ; in particular, the authors warmly thank for their contribution : Marie Lebois, Sylvie Longeau, Léonard Brafman, Raphaël Dessertenne, Sébastien Germain, Aurélien Guidicelli, Jacques Guyot and Jérôme Lambert.

IFRS 17, a norm like no other

STRADA Conseil published in 2020 a book on the IFRS 17 norm, written by our expert partner Nadji Thiriot-Simonel, with president François Reibell's preface.


This book is based on many years of expertise and practice of IFRS norms. It covers topics such as the genesis of international accounting standards, the regulator's point of view, and an analysis of the impacts and challenges of the standard. This will help you better understand IFRS 17 and implement it.

Nadji Thiriot-Simonel thanks STRADA Conseil teams, which allowed her to make this book accessible for anyone wishing to better understand  the stakes of the IFRS 17 norm. She particularly thanks Evelyne MLYNARCZYK, Marie LEBOIS and especially François REIBELL.

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