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[Article] - The alternative to unforeseen events caused by COVID 19

June 11th 2020

Since 2019, the IDD’s directives* have given new orientations in terms of continuous training but its implementation in the COVID 19 context is a challenge for all actors. « Strict teleworking » has disturbed the trainings scheduled at the beginning of the year, by cancelling them, delaying or even transforming them into virtual classes in order to maintain, somehow, what had been planned.

In this context, MOOC like tools, e-learning training, webinars and podcasts are real opportunities for teleworking employees, but their content, planning and duration often remain incompatible with the many unforeseen events caused by COVID 19. Our book entitled « The essential guide to reinsurance » is an innovative tool for people working in the field of reinsurance who want to complete a training, or want to quickly obtain answers to their questions. Written by experts (assurance, reinsurance, technical accountingy, information sytem experts, data quality experts, actuaries …), it was structured in the form of datasheets with examples illustrations, graphs, to give concrete elements to readers.

To learn more, we invite you to watch the following video, coming from the introduction of “The essential guide to reinsurance” when it was published.

*Insurance Distribution Directive

Evelyne MLYNARCZYK Training Executive and Reinsurance Expert


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